Calgary, AB

Noctilux Collective

Over the past couple years Sanctuary has made his imprint on the local scene and beyond with some notable DJ performances, a handful of singles gaining international support from a Noctilux beloved in the form of Doctor Jeep; being showcased in a FKOF mix. Along with his tastefully tribal and moody debut EP: ‘Laid Off’ teaming up with contributor and long time friend: Wolf Camo. If you’ve ever set foot inside a deep bass arena downtown Calgary there’s an outside chance you’ve already heard a heater or two of his being rinsed from one of our many astute selectors in the city, as much of his work has been appropriately well received within the community thus far. 

"Sanctuary is a west-coast transplant from Manchester, England, growing up satiated on the sounds of metal, hardcore and hip-hop. His love for organic distortion has inevitably thrust him down the rabbit-hole of modular synthesis, and formulated into a love for intricate percussion. Routinely submerging symphonic analog textures in tape delays, fashioning rigorously droning soundscapes that are aesthetically glib & cinematic, like a grainy black and white horror film. Out of Calgary, Alberta representing The Noctilux Collective; a cohesive assortment of artists and taste-makers evangelical about emerging bass ethos, while consistently paying homage to the origins of its predecessors. His first solo EP ‘laissez-faire’ that dropped last year (available on bandcamp), compliments an expanding litany of solo-releases and collaborative efforts. With recent support from the ‘Abysmal Entities Archive’ imprint & a forthcoming ‘Smokey Crow Records’ joint on the stove – Jamie will assuredly carve out a path for himself in the underground as he tirelessly continues to explore his craft.